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Presentations shown at the Antimicrobial Resistance: Diagnostic Solutions workshop 25 January 2017

Download presentations shown at the Antimicrobial Resistance: Diagnostic Solutions workshop held on 25 January 2017 at St Hugh's College, Oxford.

Morning session:

Professor Chris Butler: UTIs in primary care: the next frontier.

Professor Alastair Hay: Respiratory tract microbial tests for children in primary care. What do we know and what are the implications for POC tests?

Professor Michael Moore: Targeting respiratory antibiotics - the role of diagnostics

Michael Hopkins: What type of diagnostics are needed to manage the challenge of antimicrobial resistance? A survey of the trade-offs chosen by the European stakeholder groups.

Professor Ann Van den Bruel: Diagnosing serious infection in children

Claudia Van de Sand, STAT-Diagnostica: The Diag-CORE system - a new solution for near patient testing

Professor Paul Davis: Uncovering respiratory infection by decoding the neutrophil biomarker message in urine

Eddie Blair, Integrated Medicines Ltd: Simulation of intervention-enhanced care pathways: a sepsis-procalcitonin test exemplifier

Mandy Campbell, HORIBA: AMR and combined FBC/CRP solutions

Dr John Parry, TPP: Current support for reducing antimicrobial prescribing and simple collaborative approaches for research

Professor Seshadri Vasan, Public Health England: TB and sepsis biomarkers

Afternoon session:

Professor Paul Dark, University of Manchester: High-value in vitro diagnostics in sepsis

Professor Till Bachmann, University of Edinburgh: Electrochemical biosensors for rapid diagnostics to fight antimicrobial resistance

Laura Shallcross, University College, London: Novel diagnostic strategies for urinary tract infection in hospital

Professor Rosanna Peeling, LSHTM: Global Health Diganostics: needs, challenges and promises

Professor Mark Wilcox, University of Leeds: The clinical need for better antimicrobial resistance related diagnostics

Carla Deakin, NICE: NICE and the AMR challenge

Sarah Wallis, Mast Group: BIVDA AMR working party: an industry perspective

James Platt, Nanopore: An introduction to Nanopore Sensing

Mat Upton, Spectromics: Rapid phenotypic susceptibility testing to guide antibiotic prescription

Simon Singer, Abbott/Iridica: The Iridica diagnostic system


Download the event brochure (includes biographical information of all the speakers)