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Changing the Landscape of Adoption of Diagnostics

Looking for the 2015 event? 

The third UK Diagnostic Forum focused on changing the landscape of adoption of diagnostics. Running over two days this conference combined talks, panel discussions, debates and small group sessions.

2014 Diagnostic Forum Presentations

Delivery of IVD Research through the National Institute for Health Research
Tony Soteriou - NIHR Diagnostic Co-operatives

Newcastle NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative
John Simpson - NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative 

Introduction and Overview Michael Messenger 
NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Leeds

NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative London
George Hanna - NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative London

NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford
Matthew Thompson - NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford

Who is the Customer?
David Horne - Alere Ltd  
Ravi Chana - NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)

Academic Health Science Networks - Supporting Diagnostic Innovation
Gary Ford - Academic Health Science Networks 

An Introduction to Health KTN Collaborations and Funding Opportunities 
Mehdi Tavakoli - HealthTech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network

Industry Needs: The Relationship Between Lab and POC
Setting Simon Kimber - Visiting Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan 

Health Economics: Case Study 
Elisabeth Adams - Aquarius Population Health 

Models or end-to-end studies in monitoring studies? A case study
Jon Deeks - University of Birmingham

Health Technology Assessment and Diagnostics
Sarah Byron - NICE (Regulation and Health Technology Assessment)

Brief EU Regulatory Update
Doris-Ann Williams - BIVDA (Regulation and Health Technology Assessment)