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Please ensure you use both the NIHR and University of Oxford (or your own institution's) logos when communicating your research. 

The Community Healthcare MIC's sub-logo can be used with permission from the MIC team, otherwise please use  the 'funded by' or 'supported by' logos. 

NIHR Identity Brand Guidelines

The NIHR Identity Guidelines are for everyone working within the NIHR, or working in partnership with us, and anyone who has a role in developing and issuing communications.

They exist to:

  • Maximise the awareness and impact of the NIHR and its investments by the consistent and correct use of the NIHR identity in all communications.
  • Inspire confidence in the NIHR required for investment by the Government and taxpayers through consistent NIHR communications.
  • Create unity and help build a stronger, more recognisable NIHR profile within the NHS research community, with patients and the public, industry and charities.

Click here to download the NIHR Identity Guidelines (NIHR Google drive link).

University of Oxford brand guidelines

he University of Oxford’s sheer diversity and dynamism present major challenges and rich opportunities when it comes to communicating to worldwide audiences its achievements and aspirations, its relevance and its rationale.

It must do so in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global environment. So it needs to innovate but it also needs to be consistent, for those many audiences to have a clear and deepening sense of who we are and what we stand for.

In visual terms a key element of that process is to use it's well-established identity in a coherent and consistent manner. These guidelines are intended to help achieve that. 

Click to Download a PDF version of the Oxford blue: visual identity guidelines

Or visit the University webpage at:

If you work for a research department within the University of Oxford or another university, please consult your own departmental/university guidelines.

oxford Branding toolkit downloads

Members of the University can access downloads of:

  • Brand mark for print
  • Foundry Sterling font
  • Branded Word document templates
  • PowerPoint presentation templates
  • Brand mark for web

by following this Single Sign On link to Branding toolkit downloads.