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Horizon scanning for new and emerging diagnostic technologies

The Oxford Diagnostic Horizon Scan Programme identifies new and emerging diagnostic technologies relevant to primary care in the NHS. We are part of the Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis (MaDOx) at Oxford University Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.  We are funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and collaborate with the Health Economics Research Centre at Oxford University.


  • To identify new and emerging diagnostic technologies relevant to primary care in the NHS that are likely to have significant impact
  • To filter and prioritise these diagnostic technologies
  • To summarise the evidence base for technologies
  • To make an early assessment of their likely impact on provision of health care and health care outcomes  
  • To highlight and outline research requirements to facilitate implementation.

We use a variety of methods to search for new technologies, such as literature searches and interaction with the diagnostics industry and clinicians, and prioritise certain technologies to produce technology reports, systematic reviews and health economic assessments. In some cases we conduct pilot studies of new technologies in primary care settings. The technologies we identify may be relevant to diagnosis as well as monitoring, screening and prognosis. 

The horizon scanning reports summarise why the technology is important, provide an overview of the current available evidence and assess whether it could be adopted in the NHS and if so, what the requirements are for the delivery of the technology into practice.  These reports are freely accessible on our website and are disseminated to the NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme (HTA), the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and commissioners of health care services to facilitate adoption and identify further research requirements.

Horizon Scanning Reports

Download the reports produced by the Horizon Scanning Programme.