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Health Technology for Tomorrow seminar 4: epilepsy

Health Technology for Tomorrow seminar 4

The Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford is delighted to present a new series of seminars to showcase and discuss exciting healthcare technology innovations in three key areas, namely wearables, imaging, and digital health-related technologies. The seminars provide a platform for visitors from the health technology industry to present their ideas and products to a multidisciplinary group of healthcare researchers and members of the wider University community.

The aim of the seminars is to elicit discussions to define priority areas of clinical need and greatest impact for emerging technologies and to foster relationships between academia and industry. Seminars take the format of technology presentations followed by discussion amongst a panel of technology-appropriate specialists before wider discussions with all participants. Seminars conclude with an informal lunch open to all attendees.

The seminar on technologically-supported epilepsy care will be co-organised with the ‘Interdisciplinary Research in Health Sciences’ (IRIHS) unit from the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford. 

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