Lucy Abel


Health Economist

Conducting economic evaluation of primary care interventions, with a focus on diagnostics.

I joined the department in July 2015 as a health economist working within the field of primary care. The core of my role is in collaborating with other research groups to bring the tools of economic evaluation to primary care health science research.

My research involves using both decision analytic modelling and trial-based evaluations to assess the cost-effectiveness of primary care diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring strategies. I have a particular interest in assessing the impact of diagnostic strategies on health outcomes and costs, for example, weighing the benefits of early cancer diagnosis against the harms of overdiagnosis. I also have an interest in early modelling; using economic modelling to assess the potential cost-effectiveness of technologies earlier in the research and development process, reducing risk and increasing efficiency. 

Prior to joining the department I completed a Masters in Health Economics at the University of York.