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A PPI workshop bringing together researchers and PPI contributors

(please note this is a recurring workshop and will be held again later in Spring – sign up now to be updated)

Due to sponsorship by Oxfords’ CRN, AHSN and CLAHRC [Oxford Academic Health Science Network, the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care and the NIHR Clinical Research Network Thames Valley and South Midlands] this workshop is free for anyone in the Oxford region who is interested in learning about, developing or maybe refreshing their skills in patient and public involvement in healthcare, especially those employed by the sponsoring organisations.


You will come away from this day with new tools to enable you to confidently carry out PPI.


  • Increasing awareness using social media – this could apply in research, health services, key public health messages, calls for consultation etc.
  • Achieving a shared goal or strategic direction – this could apply in setting up health projects, research steering committees or community work
  • Deciding on priorities – this could apply to research priorities, decisions about health services, or deciding important outcomes to measure in healthcare
  • Seeking consultation and feedback – this could apply to seeking changes in health services, or finding out what is important in communities

Six places for research staff (but only three left) and six for PPI Contributors. 

Contact to book your place for this or the later session.