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There are no prerequisites for attendance. The workshop has been formulated so that it is accessible to all who have an interest in gaining a basic understanding of the evaluation of diagnostic tests.

Course Overview

The workshop will be taught by front-line diagnostics researchers and will aim to provide participants with a basic overview of the components which one might employ for the evaluation of diagnostic tests, including basic health economics and statistics, searching for evidence, and pragmatic study design. Our team will be joined by a colleague from the NIHR and SBRI funding programmes who will discuss potential sources of funding for development and evaluation projects.


elements of the workshop

Tests as part of a clinical pathway
We will explore why it is important to consider diagnostic tests as elements of clinical pathways rather than in isolation, and the potential impacts of the introduction of new tests.

Basic statistics for diagnostic medicine
This session will provide a brief overview of how to organise data for the calculation of key basic measures of diagnostic accuracy, including sensitivity, specificity, prevalence, and predictive values.

Searching for existing evidence to support regulatory approval and other purposes
An information specialist from the Bodleian Science Libraries will lead a brief workshop to help students understand how to search for evidence that is already available.

Basic health economics for diagnostic evaluation
This session will provide students with an introduction to what health economics is, what cost-effectiveness means, why this is important and how it is measured.

The cycle of evidence: study designs at different stages of the diagnostic development pipeline
The workshop will incorporate a practical session where students will work through a number of practical evaluation scenarios with course tutors.

NIHR and SBRI Healthcare funding streams
Learn more about available funding streams to support the development and evaluation of new tests, led by a member of the NIHR and SBRI team.


Signup here (Course fee: £35).